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Photo showing Rancho Azul y Oro Olive Farm's bottle of Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil with the five 2024 medals awarded

Introducing our award-winning 2023 Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. This small-batch EVOO is bursting with fresh, green flavors and a peppery finish that only comes from pressing olives just hours after harvest.  Perfect for drizzling over salads, dipping with crusty bread, or adding a finishing touch to your favorite dishes, this 8 oz. bottle is the perfect way to elevate your culinary creations.


Experience the unmatched quality and flavor of Rancho Azul y Oro's 2023 Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and taste the difference for yourself.


Sustainability is important to us.  The product specs for our caps states: "*Bisphenol A was not used in the manufacture of this item."  Our bottles are wrapped Green Way ® tissue paper, which is made in the USA and is printed on papers sourced from well managed forests.  Our packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable, derived from an annually renewable starch raw material and is made from potato and wheat starch.  It disintegrates quickly when in direct contact with water.  Our ribbons are fabric and can be repurposed for other uses, including hair ribbons.  


(Our shipping is via UPS ground, regular delivery.  We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii; we only ship within the Continental U.S.)


2023 Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, 8 oz. | Rancho Azul y Oro | OOA23

Excluding Sales Tax
  • ~ 2024 Gold Medal - 2023 Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, New York International Olive Oil Competition 

    ~ 2024 Gold Medal - 2023 Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, California State Fair Commercial Olive Oil Competition

    ~ 2024 Gold Medal - 2023 Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive, Oil, Central Coast Olive Oil Competition

    ~ 2024 Silver Medal - 2023 Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

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