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Front of bottle, Blackberry Roasted Pepper Vinegar, 8 oz. (VBRP) | Rancho Azul y Oro

We are a boutique California olive farm, yet, we never stop looking for other extraordinary offerings.  Our artisan crafted vinegars are produced on the Central Coast of California in small batches.  They are the ideal foodie gift and one of the best gifts for cooks.  Paired with one of our olive oils, these hand crafted vinegars are a wonderful oil and vinegar gift set.  They are also a healthy gift idea, particularly for those looking for gifts under 50 dollars.


This artisan vinegar begins with fresh, hand-picked blackberries, ancho chilis and bell peppers. No heat, just a nice, smoky flavor.  The process begins with hand selected and picked fruits, herbs and vegetables grown on an organic farm, which are placed in small vats, along with an organic Kosher base vinegar.  

These extraordinary vinegars have won numerous national awards and when you try them, you'll understand why.  


Suggested uses:  As a Blackberry Vinaigrette or as a marinade for a pork tenderloin or combine in equal parts with Merlot in a reduction sauce.  Pairs beautifully with Rancho Azul y Oro’s award- winning EVOO.


All of our gift sets arrive fully wrapped.  If you'd like a gift message included, please leave the message, the recipient's name and gift giver's name in the "Notes" section.


Sustainability is important to us.  The product specs for our caps states: "*Bisphenol A was not used in the manufacture of this item."  Our bottles are wrapped Green Way ® tissue paper, which is made in the USA and is printed on papers sourced from well managed forests.  Our packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable, derived from an annually renewable starch raw material and is made from potato and wheat starch.  It disintegrates quickly when in direct contact with water.  Our ribbons are fabric and can be repurposed for other uses, including hair ribbons.  


(We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii; we only ship within the Continental U.S.)

Blackberry Roasted Pepper Vinegar, 8 oz. (VBRP) | Rancho Azul y Oro

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