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Mouthwatering Olive Oil Recipe: Blue Cheese Fig Tart

This Blue Cheese Fig Tart has it all, sweetness from the figs, savory from the blue cheese, rosemary, and a hint of pepper from the olive oil, crunch from the pine nuts, and using puff pastry makes it quick and easy, truly, an olive oil recipe that offers it all.

A Blue Cheese Fig Tart made with Rancho Azul y Oro's Olive Oil
An illustration of an olive branch

Looking for a lighter meal or an incredible appetizer for Thanksgiving? For a meal, pair this with sliced roasted chicken. The melting blue cheese, combined with the incredible sweet flavor of the figs has made this a recipe which will join the rotation every fig season to come.

Are you a wine lover? Try pairing this recipe with a dry Rosé, Pinot Noir, or Zinfandel.

Have you tried our recipe? Questions? Comments?

Need some EVOO for this recipe? We've got you covered!


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