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Pouch of BBQ Rub, 4 oz. (BBQ23) |Rancho Azul y Oro

If you've been to the ranch, it is nearly impossible to escape without being served BBQ. You're on a ranch, what would you expect? What we did not expect was that people would ask us over and over for the recipe that has been finely honed for almost 12 years, and finally, we believe, has reached perfection. 


Of course, the Grillmaster can't give up his recipe, but we can share the Rancho BBQ Rub with you.  Sprinkle on your favored meat (after washing and drying meat, of course) and wrap in plastic wrap overnight. Voila!               

BBQ Rub, 4 oz. (BBQ23) |Rancho Azul y Oro

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