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Pouch of Smoked Sea Salts, 4 oz. (SSSM23) | Rancho Azul y Oro

Not all smoked salts are created equally. A naturally smoked salt is different from a "smoke-flavored" salt because a smoke-flavored salt is made through the introduction of Liquid Salt to the salt. These artificial, smoke flavored salts are quick and cheap to make.  This salt is smoked in a cold-smoking process, which can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours.


Smoked Oak Salt is a wonderfully strong, flavorful salt, so it is best used sparingly or as a finishing salt. Try a pinch of our smoked sea salt on anything from chicken dishes to roasted vegetables to fish or even deviled eggs. It would also be a nice finishing touch on chocolates, like a good caramel. Add it to caprese for a healthier, more savory application. It is also very tasty as a topper for avocado toast! You are only limited by your imagination.


New and improved packaging to seal in freshness with each use.​

Smoked Sea Salts, 4 oz. (SSSM23) | Rancho Azul y Oro

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