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Creating from Leftovers: Fig Balsamic Pulled Pork Pizza

August and September is the season of fresh figs.

We've got figs, so we make Fig Balsamic Black Pepper Jam,as well as Strawberry-Fig Jam. People often ask, what can you make with fig jam? Here's one of our delicious recipes for using fig jam, and it will use some leftovers and your extra virgin olive oil.

A photo showing a homemade pizza made with pulled pork, bleu cheese, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese

Why make this Fig Balsamic Pulled Pork Pizza?

Food waste is a subject that we would all like to change. Using our leftovers counts. Our Fig Balsamic Pulled Pork Pizza uses leftover pulled pork you've made. We published an easy pizza dough recipe that can be made the morning you're going to make the pizza or beforehand. It stores for days. You can find our pizza dough recipe on our blog. It also uses EVOO in the pizza crust and brushed on the pizza crust just before baking.

Drawing of an olive branch

Need Ingredients to make this

pizza? Look no further!


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