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Olive Oil Recipe: Pizza Dough

This photo shows a pair of hands holding freshly made bread dough

Making your own pizza dough gives you control over what goes into the food you eat.

Why make this olive oil recipe?

There are times life is so busy, a store bought pizza crust or pizza dough is the answer to making your own pizza. However, this olive oil recipe contains six ingredients and is relatively quick to make. According to Fontana Forni USA, ". . . homemade pizzas are also far healthier than the greasy variety you get from most fast-food and delivery chains, containing two-thirds the calories of a takeout meal and half the saturated fat . . . "

So even though life on a farm does get busy, if I have pizza dough already made in the fridge, dinner becomes simple and delicious.

Drawing of an olive branch

Need Ingredients to make this

dough? Look no further!

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