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Lighter Hanukkah Latkes: A Delicious Twist for the Festival of Lights

Golden Hanukkah Latkes cooking on a griddle

Last St. Patrick's Day, I reinvented our traditional Irish Soda Bread recipe and made it into biscuits and baked them in a cast iron skillet. Gasps were heard round the world. "Why would you do that?" Why? Because even though things have been done a certain way for thousands of years, we can change it.

So, years ago, after a particularly heavy and work-intensive Hanukkah meal, we decided we were going to look for an easier and lighter version of Latkes. We started with a Recipe from Cooking Lite and it has changed over and over as we keep honing the recipe, but we think this may be our best and final version. It makes 22 latkes, so about 8 servings. This recipe can be doubled or tripled, but we've made as many as 75 latkes, back when we were young and naive and entertained 20+ people for dinner.

Enjoy your crisp, delicious latkes made from scratch, no preservatives!


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